She nodded, closing her eyes and keeping her forehead against his, opening her eyes a moment later, “Thank you.” She whispered, nodding once and sniffing, clutching her jumper sleeve in her palm and using it to wipe the tears off her cheek, “Really.”


ive never been able to run very fast

and you are very much like a moving train

that always keeps going

and i always keep running

but we both know that i’m always

left behind at the station

with or without you. october 9, 2013. 



hey listen up so i’ve created a room on world of text with the intention that everyone on tumblr can go and type whatever they want and interact with each other without asks and stuff. ok so its basically like a wall that everyone can write on. ITS REALLY COOL TRUST ME. yeah so go here and then we can all talk and stuff and it will be great, and spread this like wildfire!